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Multi Lift
Multi Lift
Multi Lift in Vehicle

The perfect transfer solution in the car!
The Multi-Lift lifts a driver or passenger in and of an ordinary car, van or truck. Multi-Lift can also be used as a scooter/wheelchair lift in certain vans.
The lift is powered by the electrical system of your car. A handy magnetic lift control box attached to a spiral cord allows flexible entry and exit and easy storage of the box on any metal surface. Sideways movements are done manually.
Available in various types and sizes, our "Backsaver" sling design requires no lifting in order to put the sling on.
If the lift is permanently removed, the car remains virtually unaffected, maintaining maximum resale value of your vehicle.

  • Multi-Lift is adaptable to most cars, vans, and trucks.
  • The lift arm weighs 23 lbs., and is easily lifted off its mounting bracket when not in use.  You can use the same lift for several cars or even home stations!
  • Lifting capacity is maximum 275 lbs.

The Multi-Lift is also the perfect transfer solution at home!
Multi-Lift can also be used indoors in bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. and is operated in the same way as a car.
A wall mount is installed where the lift is to be used.
The lift can be adjusted to different heights.
The lift is powered by a transformer at each wall mount station.
The lift can be used for lifting the person from the wheel chair to the bed, toilet, bath or any area.
Lift extensions and adapters are available to cover a wider area or where room is tight.
Multi-Lift is compact-only 22 1/2" long by 4" wide.

Multi Lift in Home
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